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My blog is all about helping you with your food storage needs in the short term and the long term and give you some ideas of things you might add to your food storage plan. I also consider myself a foodie so I will be adding some several recipes that I like. Whole grains are at the center of my food storage and baking so I hope learn to enjoy them also.

I live in the North West where the winters are cold but the temperatures in our basements storage room are great for food storage. I started my food storage because I wanted to be prepared for anything that might happen in our crazy world, whether its as simple as loosing my job to food shortages and natural disasters. I also hope to have enough to share and be Christ like when hard times come. As I have gotten into building my food storage and using it, I have really grown to love it. My food storage has changed the foods we eat in our house quite a bit, and mostly for the better.

Is my way the only way to be a prepper or do your food storage? NO!
There are many good and proper ways to approach prepping and food storage, you decide which is best for you. Here on Food Prepper, I share my way and thoughts of doing it. I hope you find my articles and research useful.

Disclosure: I have done work for some of the companies that I mention on this website, and sometimes received compensation for products I promote. However, I do not let this influence my thoughts about these products or companies. I commonly seek out companies and products that I already like when doing work for them or promoting them.

2 thoughts on “About Me & Disclosure

  1. Jamie

    Dear Food Prepper: Your KAMUT(R) wheat recipes are fantastic! You have obviously done your homework on the trademarked grain. We would love to use your photos and recipes on our Kamut International website and give you credit and a link to your blog for doing so. Would that be ok?

    Thank you – Jamie

    Jamie Ryan Lockman | Regional Director – North America
    Kamut International, Ltd.
    P.O. Box 4903 | Missoula, MT 59806 | USA
    406.251.9418 phone | 406.251.9420 fax
    jamie.lockman@kamut.com | http://www.kamut.com


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