No-Salt, No-Flavor. Got Salt Stored?

Bags of Salt

I was on a prepper forum the other day and saw some discussion on storing salt. Salt, in all its forms, will last indefinitely if kept dry in a sealed container. Over a long period of time, salt may turn a little yellow but it is still just as good. Another benefit of salt is that it is really cheap (see Shelf Reliance for #10 cans of salt). I just picked up 25 lbs of salt, which might be enough salt for our family for a year, at Costco for about $3.50. At this price I will probably pick up another 25 lbs bag and start rotating it in our everyday use (I actually have three 25 pound bags now).

Too much salt may be bad for you but no salt can be worse for your health. You will not need much salt in your storage so this will be an easy item to store, plan on storing 5+ pounds of salt per person for a year supply. Salt also has many other uses that you might want to store extra for, like these 46 Smart Uses for Salt.

I accidentally left out the salt in some bread I made a few months back and learned that 2 teaspoons of salt is a really important part of the recipe. I just threw the bread away because it didn’t taste any good at all. Also when cooking dry beans or making homemade soups, a little salt makes a huge difference in the taste. Many foods meant for long term food storage are commonly bland in taste and salt can help enhance their flavor.

You may not use salt much in your cooking but it is definitely an item you should store a little of for the long term food storage for that little bit here and there that you do need it. Besides that, it is a cheap item to buy.

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